for the person ready to lift their business to the next level

join me

for an intimate conversation around building and growing a business while maintaining the core values of spiritual work

summit highlights

  • a total of 6.5 hours of guidance to propel your business

  • semi-private live three hour burning bright business seminar

  • a private one-on-one follow up call with Kelsey to discuss personal goals, blockages, and action items

  • a two hour group follow up session and blessing for manifestation, abundance and prosperity

  • a detailed action plan and better business outline to keep your business moving forward


I developed this summit after years of receiving so many emails, DMs and questions from my community about how to grow, sustain and succeed in being a value-based entrepreneur.

In this summit, you will be given access to like-minded individuals and we will together explore your personal business dream and how to make it your daily reality.

This summit is for those who are ready to dive deep and strip away the layers of the ego so you can reveal your true calling and receive the infinite abundance that comes with it.

Everyone joining will be asked to be powerfully vulnerable, open and honest in our dialogue and time together. I want you to get the most out of this summit for your highest and best as I know it will support you in attracting all that you are capable of.


a group meditation to identify personal goals/intention


a workshop to better understand your unique purpose and values

teamwork exercises to tap into strengths and weaknesses

visualization techniques to propel your vision into existence

create a clear blueprint for a successful business model for the upcoming year

develop a budget to support growth and longevity

learn intimate, never before shared insights into my personal small business success story




newfound knowledge of yourself and goals to propel you forward

a buddy system for accountability, inspiration, and community


a business checklist for actionable next steps

private follow up calls for continued momentum and personalized instruction

a runbook to keep your business moving forward