Summer Healing Reiki Workshop

Reiki I Certification 

What: Reiki I Certification Los Angeles 

When: Tuesday, January 30, 10am-4pm

Where: Private Downton Loft 

What: Reiki I Certification New York

When: Monday, February 12, 10am-4pm

Where: TBD

Important Note for Reiki I Participants: The MindBodyGreen Reiki 101 Class is a prerequisite. Please sign up here.

Reiki II Certification 

What: Reiki II Certification Los Angeles 

When: Friday, February 2, 10am-6pm

Where: Private Downton Loft 

What: Reiki II Certification New York

When: Sunday, February 11, 10am-6pm

Where: TBD

Healing Reiki Circle

What: A healing Reiki circle with a guided meditation and a personalized healing attunement for each participant. These sessions are good for those looking to alleviate stress, re-energize the body and restore balance.

When: Every Monday from 11:45a - 12:30p

Where: Den Meditation Center, 360 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles

The GOOD Festival

What: An all-day event created to ignite your passion for wellness and

inspire you to achieve your GOOD life.

When: Saturday, February 3

Where: Hudson Loft, 1200 S. Hope St., Los Angeles

Reiki 101


Decrease Stress, Balance Your Body & Break Through Negative Energy

What you get: 

A deep dive into the fundamentals, history, and evolution of Reiki healing

A comprehensive guide to accessing new portals within your own mind, body, and spirit, so you can begin your journey toward healing and expansion

Lifetime Access to the program, PLUS Discussion boards to interact with the instructor and fellow students

A series of energy-shifting meditations and exercises to help you become more self-aware, connected, and spiritually aligned

Who is this class for?

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You’re intrigued by Reiki, energy work, or EFT.You’re interested in learning more about the power of energy healing, and are ready to really dive in—on you own time.

  • You live with unwanted stress, fear, sadness, or anxiety. You often feel overwhelmed, worried, or depressed, and just wish you could experience a sense of inner calm and clarity.

  • You want to connect more deeply to yourself and others. You desire to tap into your true self—the self you were meant to be—and to foster stronger relationships with those around you.

  • If you’re curious about the energy chakras of the body, if you want to explore meditation and other exercises that can quell negative emotions, if you want to live up to your full potential—your true purpose—then this class is for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.



Palm Desert Wellness Retreat with Jordan Younger and Kelsey J Patel

When: January 19 - 21, 2018

Where: Palm Desert, CA

Investment: $1500


These two leading LA wellness experts have curated the perfect weekend getaway with all of their best offerings! Get ready for daily yoga, healing reiki circles, natural hot spring soaks, yummy organic food and powerful intention setting ceremonies to get you ready for the new year. There will be plenty of down time for rest, reflection, journaling and soaking in the good vibes with friends - old and new. There will be amazing connections, inspiration and tons more to leave you walking away with joy, healing and inspiration for 2018.

Bali Yoga Retreat with Yogascapes

When: March, 24-30, 2018

Where: Naya Ubud, Bali

Investment: $1999


This retreat is centered in one of the most spiritually rich places on Earth, where every moment in life is an offering, an opportunity for expression of beauty and love. We’ll learn from and embrace this spirit as we come to our daily yoga and meditation practices with Kelsey to deepen our connection to our own inner truth and authentic self.

Meditation and Margaritas

with FTLO Travel

When: April 11th- 15th, 2018

Where: Isla Holbox, Mexico

Investment: $1,499

or 4 installments of $375


Kelsey has teamed up with millennial travel company For The Love of Travel to bring you a wellness retreat designed to balance mindfulness and Reiki with margaritas and good company. This tiny paradise is the perfect place to start down the path to a happier life of intention. 

About FTLO Travel: For The Love of Travel (FTLO Travel) is a contemporary group travel company that runs laid-back, culture-focused, and adventurous group trips for young professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. For more info on FTLO Travel, click here.

May Ojai Wellness Retreat

When: May 18 - 20, 2018

Where: Ojai, CA

Investment: $750 - $1150

A large number of moms attend this retreat in May as a gift to themselves after showing up for their partners and children on Mother's Day. Kelsey believes every mother should go on retreat once a year and says, "Getting away for a trip with the girlsfriends is amazing, but every mom needs a weekend where she doesn't need to show up for any other human being other than herself." Gift yourself with this amazing retreat where you can get back to your authentic, beautiful self.



Today, the necessity for work-life balance is critical. From endless emails to deadlines and growing to-do lists, there are more reasons now, than ever, to share the gift of mindfulness in the workplace.  


These programs were developed specifically to help employees and executives manage daily stress, so that they may return to work with renewed passion, clarity, creativity and focus.



These programs are ideal for:


Mid-large sized corporate companies looking to bring a new, motivational program to their corporate wellness training.

Startups looking to retain and empower employees.

C-Suite executives who want one-on-one spiritual guidance and mindfulness coaching.

Special interest groups in need of a motivational workshop or speaker to inspire.


Kelsey's private Reiki sessions are currently unavailable.


To join her upcoming events, workshops, retreats and to receive a monthly Reiki message for your own spiritual journey, please join her monthly newsletter.

What to Expect


My one-on-one coaching sessions are designed for those looking for guidance on their journey towards finding balance, joy, inner peace, and divine self-love.


The process begins with a series of guided questions to assess where you are now in your life, and exactly where you would like to be.


Prepare to dive deep.


Whether you choose a single session or a dozen, this work can lay the foundation for major shifts in your life.


Each session is unique, based on your individual needs, but a few of the techniques utilized in a session: reiki, EFT, yoga, meditation, guided therapy, and crystal healing.

You’re ready for a life change but unsure where to start.

You feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by old memories, thoughts and regrets.

You feel stuck in your current career, relationship or life in general.

You struggle with depression, sickness, anxiety, weight issues, grief or lack of self-confidence.

You know there’s a better way, and you’re ready to begin.

One-on-one sessions are ideal for you if:

"Thank you is not enough to tell you how impactful the retreat was for me. There have been so many breakthroughs and amazing things that have happened since." -Amy


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