30min Distance Reiki Session with Elle Reg

Service Description: 

Your initial Reiki treatment will act as a reset. Carrying old energy around for a long time gets heavy! You’ll notice a major weight lifted immediately, leaving you feeling a whole lot lighter.  


Once I’ve created a clean slate, I move more deeply into specific areas of your body to target any stagnant energy and remove built-up.  


I use specific intentions to direct energy into your body to clear, shift, move, and release certain energy then fill you with exactly what you need for your best interest and highest good. I connect with each Chakra, allowing time for extra attention on blocked areas of your body.  


As a bonus, I’m gifting you my guidebook, Ground, Protect & Clear Your Energy. In it, you’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to keep your energy in check every single day. This will help prolong the effects of our time together, long after we are finished. 



About Elle Reg: 

Elle is the creator and founder of Live Amala, a complete lifestyle brand that encompasses a profound level of wellness. Aspiring towards creating her own pure life – AMALA – Live Amala emerged. 


Elle helps her clients find the holistic connection between authentic beauty, feeling grounded, and purposeful. Through her practice, clients realize that without holding any judgment, they can truly be limitless and free. 

30min Distance Reiki Session with Elle Reg