30min Distance Reiki Session with Maleata Ragin

Maleata's Offerings Include:

Reiki: A Japanese energy practice that supports the body's innate ability in balancing mind, body and spirit. It is deeply   relaxing, can help ease a racing mind and help you feel recharged. 


Integrated Energy Therapy®

IET is an angelic energy practice. It is great for mental/emotional and karmic wellbeing. This form of energy work is particularly beneficial for those struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief and anger. Although the core principles are Angelic, IET is not associated with any religious dogma and is for everyone regardless of personal beliefs. 


About Maleata:

Maleata utilizes the power of Reiki to not only help heal physically, but to help make transformative shifts mentally and emotionally so you can live the life you desire. Every session with her is unique as she blends her ancestral spiritual practices, such as Rootwork, sound healing and mediumship, with her gifts as a healer. At the beginning of each session Maleata will invite your Ancestors, Guides and Angels in to help amplify the healing energy and support the shifts you desire. She will also set an intention to receive any messages you need to hear.  


 Because of her own personal healing and spiritual journey, Maleata finds herself especially aligned with those who are beginning to explore their spiritual gifts, folks experiencing chronic illness or women’s health issues and folks suffering from trauma and varying degrees of PTSD and anxiety. 


 Maleata uses her gifts as an empath to scan your body during your session to detect any blockages, imbalances or areas of discomfort and uses Reiki to help restore them to a more optimal state of being. At the close of your session you will receive a channeled area of focus for yourself, a channeled herbal suggestion or a pulled message from a beautiful oracle deck. In the days following your sessions with Maleata you will begin to notice subtle shifts not only inwardly but in the world around you as you begin to become more aligned with your true self. 



"Maleata held space for me beautifully-- we did a distance session and the healing came through! The session helped me come to a major ah-ha that has been supporting my growth ever since." -Kelly M.


"The reiki experience I had with Maleata was a first for me, but I quickly realized it would not be my last.  I received my first session while I was in treatment for breast cancer. I laid down anxious and probably several other things. I rose from the table feeling like a piece of the burden had been lifted. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to more." -Rachel C.


"Best experience of my life! Energy healing put me at peace with everything going on around me and within me. I recommend Maleata to anybody that needs to do a little soul searching or just needs peace of mind. She will help you free your soul." -Matthew M.

30min Distance Reiki Session with Maleata Ragin