30min Distance Reiki Session with Steph Kang

As a highly sensitive & intuitive empath, Reiki has become Steph’s go-to healing modality, and she has witnessed first hand the transformative effects. 

In a distance reiki session, Steph will guide you in connecting to the Universal Life Force energy in order to attain balance and harmony for your whole being (body, mind, emotions and spirit). Using her intuitive guidance, Steph may incorporate tuning fork sound healing, visualization, and other healing modalities to support the reiki. Steph is sought after for her work on the inner child, and can support clearing and healing from ingrained patterns.


Reiki works magikally via distance, through both time and space. Come with an open mind, ready to receive (sometimes the toughest part!). This is an exercise to trust in your highest good, and the highest good for all. 


About Steph Kang:

Steph Kang is a Reiki Master, E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor and Meditation Teacher. She also teaches Doga, yoga with dogs to share her love of dogs. She loves art, music, food and traveling. Whenever possible she curates events uniquely combining her passions and skills in order to cultivate the experience of oneness. 


Her specialty is to help empaths alchemize sensitivity into greatest creativity. She often works with Archangel Raphael, and specializes in work to heal the inner child.


Most importantly, shell guide you to "Go Within & Find Your Inner Sparkle!” to help you shine as your brightest self.  



"Steph Kang is one of the best reiki healers and her healing attunements are amazing. I could feel and even hear my Chakras. I could feel the energy and the tuning forks are special. Magical lady. I recommend her." - Derrick Mutti


"Stephanie has a special kind of peace and calmness in her presence. She tuned into what I needed with our reiki session, making me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a gifted healer." - Julia Vai

30min Distance Reiki Session with Steph Kang