Astrology Consultation with Christine McGuan

Astrology Consultation

If you are experiencing massive changes/shifts/awakenings in your life or if you simply want to “know thyself” on a deeper level, this consultation will build upon and enhance your transformation. 


Reading is performed live via Zoom. We will engage in a dialogue that spans past, present and future, covering planetary placements within the natal chart, secondary progressions and current transits. We will also dive deep into the lunar node placements from an evolutionary perspective. We will also discuss natal fixed stars, and asteroid goddesses placements. 


About Christine:

Christine is an intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Evolutionary Astrologer.  Her journey into alternative healing began as a Reiki Master in 2001. Since then, she has developed a form of body work that incorporates a wide range of modalities including reiki, polarity, somatic and resonance therapies. After witnessing countless times how a deep understanding of one’s relationship with the Astro realm can bring about healing opportunities and profound shifts in consciousness, Christine was lead to create a practice called “Sacred Synergy”, synthesizing astrology and energy healing. Christine brings her intuitive understanding of the divine flow of the human biofield into her astrology consultations, thus enhancing the depth of her work. 



I could have never imagined that astrology could be this healing. Christine really pierced to the center of my soul and went right to the root of past life and childhood issues. I am just so grateful. 

~Yasmine D. 


I feel like a block to following my true path was cleared. I loved learning more about how my soul is drawing me to the north node as this was SO right on!  I walked away feeling empowered and with a totally renewed sense of purpose. Thank you for your loving presence and for bringing me this peace!

~Alison C. 


Christine’s knowledge of all things astrological, esoteric and mystical runs deep. Powerful game changing reading that I will continue to revisit throughout my journey. 

~Michelle A.

Astrology Consultation with Christine McGuan