30min Animal Reiki Session with Heather Martin

This virtual 30 minute session for your animal will focus on clearing and balancing energy.  Heather will communicate with your animal and include a follow-up email detailing specifics of her conversation and any additional information.


Whether an animal is expressing anxiety, part of a life shift, recovering from surgery, experiencing pain from an illness or recently rescued, Reiki can bring ease, calm and healing to their state of mind.  Animals benefit greatly from Reiki healing, as they are already sensitive to the existing energy. 


About Heather Martin:

Originally from the corporate fashion world, Heather Martin began her wellness path with Reiki after experiencing a desire to heal herself.  As her journey moved forward, the deep love of animals became her focus.  Based in Los Angeles, she has become an Animal Energy Healer who communicates directly with each animal and the spiritual guides that surround them.    

During sessions and Spirit Animal Tarot Card readings, Heather centers on her connection to animals and the messages they wish to give.  Each session and reading is unique to the individual and the animal.  

Her teachings can be found at The Den Meditation, Be-Raw, Goomi Group for corporate wellness, Urban Dog Retreat and Conception-LA. As well as special events for Kora Organics, NBC Universal, exclusive workshops, personal retreats and her private client base.



Heather calms my 16 year old Maltese’s soul.  She heals her body.  Quiets her mind.  She is her eyes in the dark as Miss Ellie has grown blind.  She is her stillness in my chaos of “busy.”  She speaks straight to her spirit.
 -Dawn M
I have introduced my two Pugs to Heather for Reiki.  When she comes over to work with them, they immediately run and jump into her lap.  Heather is truly a light and gift to anyone’s spiritual practice.
-Monika C
A new perspective was given to me as Heather worked with my dog.  His behavior and anxiety improved as I learned to respond in a different way.  I’m thankful for her work because it has given me the ability to build a new relationship with him.
-Katherine A

30min Animal Reiki Session with Heather Martin