To keep trainings intimate and provide attention to each student, we limit the capacity of each certification class. 


If you feel ready to learn reiki and begin the journey of self-healing, shifting and uplifting your life and your own energy, then this may be the one for you. Prepare to immerse with this incredible Japanese healing modality and be a witness to your own transformation. This can be a life-changing experience and is intended for those ready to step into their light and commit to being the highest expression of themselves. Be prepared to initiate your momentum towards healing, balance and a new outlook .


In Reiki 1, you will get attuned to Reiki which enables you to become a channel for this healing energy. Once attuned you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and anyone else for the rest of your life.

Come get “magic hands.”



Highlights of This Course:

  • Receive an attunement that enables you to channel the Reiki energy
  • Learn how to use Reiki to bring about transformation and healing for you and your loved ones
  • Learn how to give a full body Reiki treatment to yourself and others
  • Learn the history of Reiki
  • Learn how to ground, clear and protect your energy
  • Practice a self-Reiki session
  • Learn how to establish a self-Reiki practice that fits into your own life


All trainings are currently being held virtually, and certifications are emailed upon completion of course requirements.

New Dates! - Reiki 1 Certification

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