Spirit Animal Tarot Card Reading with Heather Martin

Have you ever wondered why you see animals in your dreams or have multiple sightings in waking life?  Animal spirits show themselves as they are needed.  They are guiding us daily, all we have to do is open and receive their messages.  


In a virtual Spirit Animal Tarot Card Reading we will draw cards, discuss the meaning behind each animal and how it directly wishes to communicate with you at this time. 


Included in this reading is a personal email summary of the cards and animal spirit messages that were drawn.


About Heather Martin:

Originally from the corporate fashion world, Heather Martin began her wellness path with Reiki after experiencing a desire to heal herself.  As her journey moved forward, the deep love of animals became her focus.  Based in Los Angeles, she has become an Animal Energy Healer who communicates directly with each animal and the spiritual guides that surround them.    

During sessions and Spirit Animal Tarot Card readings, Heather centers on her connection to animals and the messages they wish to give.  Each session and reading is unique to the individual and the animal.  


Her teachings can be found at The Den Meditation, Be-Raw, Goomi Group for corporate wellness, Urban Dog Retreat and Conception-LA. As well as special events for Kora Organics, NBC Universal, exclusive workshops, personal retreats and her private client base.

Spirit Animal Tarot Card Reading with Heather Martin