Soul Connection with Kristine Fredheim

Soul Connection

As a psychic medium, Kristine taps into messages she receives from the spiritual realm. By communicating with spirit guides and loved ones who’ve passed, she helps clients find healing and closure after loss, and support after major life transitions or traumas. She provides thoughtful guidance on how to navigate through life and achieve fulfillment. Kristine also provides insight and feedback that will empower you in all your areas, from career and relationships to personal wellbeing. The messages she receives often bring clients a sense of peace, relief, love and insight. The reading, which is always conducted with great sensitivity, will provide sacred guidance along your path towards a fully expressed and happy life.

As a bonus, following your session you’ll walk away with Kristine's brand new Meditation Journal.



About Kristine:

Kristine is an acclaimed psychic medium, spiritual advisor and writer. With a Master’s Degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she launched Soul Life in 2014 to help people connect with their spirituality, find hope, heal, and achieve their full potential. 


At a young age, Kristine discovered she had the ability to see the past, present and future, as well as connect with loved ones who have passed on. With these experiences and insights, Kristine authored two books entitled Behind My Face and The Ring Power, and has been a regular contributor to Huffington Post. She has been featured in Elle, Forbes, Teen Vogue and the Jenny McCarthy Show, among many others, and advises some of the most influential figures in the entertainment industry. 


Kristine has also always had passion for investigating unsolved crimes. She is currently working on projects that harness her psychic intuitions and mediumship abilities to help uncover key clues and make crucial discoveries to solve missing persons and murder cases, amongst others.

In 2019, Kristine launched her own line of tarot card decks entitled Soul Cards in memory of her late mother, who introduced her to spirituality. She’s a loving mother to two young boys.



"Working with Kristine has changed my life in the best way possible - the confirmation she has brought me through psychic downloads and soul coaching has not only supported my decisions moving forward, but also steer clear of low vibrational chaos! Highly recommend!"


"Kristine has been such an incredible light in my life. Every time I need some clarity, she's there for me - it's unfiltered, no bullshit and exactly what I need. Working with Kristine has brought me so much peace. I recommend all my friends to her!"


"Not your average psychic. Kristine is something else. The reading I had with her still resonates. Not only was she spot-on, she shared meaningful messages that helped me bring my business to the next level. She is so real, authentic and seriously funny."

Soul Connection with Kristine Fredheim