New Year Manifestation Meditation

January 4, 2017


Greetings friends and Happy New Year, I'm so amazed that we are already closing out the first week of this new year! Many of us have excitement, resolutions and immense intentions during this first month of the year.


Over here at our home in Los Angeles, I woke up on New Year's Day feeling like death had hit my doorstep. It was a miserable sinus infection that came on the heels of me throwing one of the best parties ever at our home on New Year's Eve. Interestingly enough, last year, when my husband and I were in Costa Rica, I woke up on New Year's Day with a very intense cold as well and had to lay in bed all day.


What did this mean for me? And, I'm really curious to know, what does the first of the year bring up for you? For me, having woken up sick for a second time on the new year, I had to awaken to the fact that my soul was communicating to me and letting my ego know that its not in charge. Yes, I have big goals, dreams and desires for this year, but I have also learned the necessity of letting go (and letting God, as they say).


Once I moved past my ego and it's burning desire to make me feel worse about myself on New Year's Day, I realized I'm right where I'm intended to be; working on exactly what I need to work on this year: patience, self-worth (even when I'm sick and not doing anything) and ever-lasting trust in my journey.


So, as you move forward with this new year what can you give to yourself, from a place of love and compassion, for the year? Your goals and intentions are a wonderful way to create a vision for yourself, but how you feel at the end of this year depends on whether or not you also offered yourself love, compassion and forgiveness during your escapades.


As you prepare for this awesome new year, try writing out a list today or this month on how you want to FEEL during this new year. Allow the other tangible, material desires to be written as well; but can you first start your "New Year Intentions" list with how you want to feel in this new year?


This month's meditation is specifically designed for initiating the new year with an open, loving and compassionate heart. I hope you enjoy.


Click here to listen to this special meditation.





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