Healing and Taking Responsibility of Your Health on Manifest This!

May 31, 2018


Let’s talk about today’s guest. Kelsey Patel.

Kelsey is an LA-based certified reiki master, yoga instructor, and meditation teacher specializing in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT.) She’s also a spiritual empowerment coach, she co-owns an active wear company, she owns a Pure Barre studio, she leads retreats around the world…she does a lot. And I had a long list of questions I wanted to ask her and then after we started talking, I didn’t look at my notes once because our conversation just flowed so naturally. And she’s basically living my dream life because she’s from Grand Forks North Dakota, which is just south of Winnipeg – where I live – and now she lives in California and she travels the world – she’s currently in Bali for a month hosting a retreat and her stories on Instagram just look soooo beautiful.

Kelsey has been featured in Marie Claire, Elite Daily, Well & Good, Goop, Page Six, Mind Body Green, Harper’s Bazaar, US Weekly, The Domaine, Free People, The New York Times, The Chalkboard Magazine and so many more places and she truly is such a light.

In our chat we talk about her healing journey and why she turned to energy healing to heal herself, finding joy and purpose in your work, enjoying the moment and taking responsibility for your choices and at the end she does reiki on us, which is such a treat. I tell her in the episode that her words are like medicine and they are – Kelsey truly is a healer.






+ what exactly IS Reiki? 
+ Kelsey’s background and her personal experience with stress and physical pain
+ how she found Reiki to heal herself
+ Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as  ‘tapping’
+ acknowledging and accepting invitations from your angels and guides
+ finding joy in life purpose and work
+ building abundance in life, easily
+ enjoying the moment and trusting in divine timing
+ taking responsibility for your choices



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