Your Easy-To-Follow Guide To Manifesting The Life You Want

August 10, 2018

By Kelsey Patel for LeafTV


Ready, set, MAGIK! Learning to tap into the true essence of you, your innate purpose + high vibrational wisdom is one of the best ways to start manifesting powerful vibes. If you have not yet felt able or willing to trust yourself, your path or your choices, then it may be time to rearrange your intentions and try something new. Let the following practices help open you up to key insights about your own value, including your ability to create outrageous abundance, balance and joy in your life now.


I have been utilizing these practices and sharing them with thousands of clients, friends and loved ones over the years and have witnessed utter miracles and magik from the practices. As you dive into these options, give yourself full permission to gain an even deeper connection to yourself, new tools to bring into your daily life, business, relationships and health and allow the simple mindset shifts to activate your lasting success.


To Start: Define your Value + Desires

  1. Write out your definition of the word value and then begin to identify the things in your life that you value the most. Don't forget to include yourself and the qualities about you that you value the most!

  2. Then, write down what you are seeking, desiring, wanting the most in your life right now. Feel free to flow here and consider some of the following categories: Health, Purpose, Love, Relationships, Finances, Joy, Travel + Adventure, Home and any other categories you desire.

Next: Meditation + Assessment

Meditation: try this short meditation exercise to deepen your connection. Feel free to use a crystal or light some incense as you begin this practice to enhance your connection and vibration.

  1. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, allow your mind and heart to soften.

  2. After a few minutes of easy and relaxing breathing, begin to see yourself as an observer of your own life. Notice how you are currently living in integrity with the things you value in your life and where you are less aligned.

  3. Once you have acknowledged these parts of your life, see yourself living in full balance and harmony with your value and notice what has shifted.

  4. Assess: get a pen and paper to acknowledge what was shown to you.

Once you've completed this meditation, write down and highlight where you felt in full integrity with your value and desires and where you felt de-valued, insecure and/or lacking confidence or perhaps scared. Try to go one step further now by challenging these fears to see if there is a belief system attached to them. Meaning, can you identify what is holding you back or creating a blockage between you and what you desire? Are you willing to release it and choose new thoughts, new ideas about yourself and your life?


Next: Create Guiding Principles

Stay accountable!

  1. Now that you're aware of parts of you that have not been aligned and equally aware of your needs, values and desires, it's time to put realistic, loving and compassionate practices into place.

  2. Create a yearly, monthly and weekly worksheet so you can start to identify what you intend and desire to manifest over time and then allow yourself to bring this manifesto into your daily and weekly life by writing out what you are willing to commit to each week and month. This will help you to get clear and to start showing up for yourself, your value and your desires every day without guilt, fear or unworthiness creeping in and taking over. As I create this list, I also light an "I am Loved" candle to embrace the energy of love in all I intend and place my healing crystals on top of the list so I can energize the manifesting with some Magik Vibes.

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