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A collective of incredible healers and teachers that Kelsey has personally curated to help support you and your life’s vibrant path


Heather Martin

Tapping into our hearts is where Heather begins each session.  Her Virtual Reiki Healings provide restoration for our body and continued expansion of our mind. Sessions will include a guided meditation so you can calmly embrace and receive the abundance of Reiki.

Animals are in and around our lives for varying reasons.  Each offering messages as we choose to receive.  As an Animal Energy Healer, Heather Martin taps into the animal connection and shares the unique communication they wish to give. 

Whether you are receiving an Animal Spirit Tarot Card Reading or giving your pet love through an Animal Reiki session, Heather will guide you along the journey.    

Learn more about Heather & book:


Frances Naude

During our 30 minute distance Reiki Healing and Channelling Session, you will receive a full energy cleansing and reboot while also receiving channelled messages from your Spiritual Team. These messages will aid in clearing blockages that have been stored in your energy space (including from past lives), as well as provide guidance on how to move forward in alignment with your Highest Self. Frances also dives deeply into your chakra system to provide insight about where your blockages came from, while also clearing them for you. After your energy space has been cleared, Frances re-charges you with high-vibrational Reiki Energy, which allows for continued healing, energy, and communication with your Spiritual Team.

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Maleata Ragin

Maleata Ragin is a Reiki Master Teacher based in Philadelphia, PA. In addition to reiki, she is also an advanced level Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner and uses this therapy, often in combination with reiki, when working with trauma survivors or working with folks struggling to find their purpose. In Maleata’s practice, she utilizes healing energy to help people make transformative shifts so that they may live the lives they truly deserve. Outside of her energy healing work, Maleata is also a doula, herbalist and intuitive holistic wellness coach. 

Learn more about Maleata & book:


Lisa Gianvito

During distance reiki sessions, Lisa utilizes a pendulum and spirit team to move through a client's chakra system, assessing physical/emotional/spiritual blockages. Lisa uses channelling to relay messages regarding these blockages, and clears them using reiki healing. You can expect to feel lighter, empowered by new self-awareness and acceptance, more free and open to brand new possibilities after these sessions. As a bonus, Lisa will call you after the session and send you her hand written notes of your session.  Lisa also incorporates oracle card readings and crystal readings for added clarity.

Lisa is looking forward to connecting with you and your spiritual team.

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Elle Reg

Your initial Reiki treatment with Elle will act as a reset. Carrying old energy around for a long time gets heavy! You’ll notice a major weight lifted immediately, leaving you feeling a whole lot lighter.  


Elle uses specific intentions to direct energy into your body to clear, shift, move, and release certain energy then fill you with exactly what you need for your best interest and highest good. Elle connects with each Chakra, allowing time for extra attention on blocked areas of your body.  


As a bonus, you will receive Elle's guidebook, Ground, Protect & Clear Your Energy. In it, you’ll learn the tools and techniques you need to keep your energy in check every single day. This will help prolong the effects of your time together, long after you are finished. 

Learn more about Elle & book:

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Steph Kang

Steph will start your 30 minute distance reiki healing session by calling upon the assistance of Archangel Raphael & your spirit guides. She creates a safe and supported space for you to honor and feel the emotions you’re ready to release. You’ll also be guided through a guided meditation to deeply relax & be most receptive to receive the Reiki healing for your highest good. You’ll come out feeling light and your vibration high to be your best Magikal Self. 

Steph’s specialty is to help empaths alchemize sensitivity into greatest creativity. She is sought after for her work on the inner child, and can support clearing and healing from ingrained patterns.

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Christine McGuan

If you are experiencing massive changes/shifts/awakenings in your life or if you simply want to “know thyself” on a deeper level, this consultation will build upon and enhance your transformation. 

Christine is an intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and Evolutionary Astrologer.  She has developed a form of body work that incorporates a wide range of modalities including reiki, polarity, somatic and resonance therapies. After witnessing countless times how a deep understanding of one’s relationship with the Astro realm can bring about healing opportunities and profound shifts in consciousness, Christine was lead to create a practice called “Sacred Synergy”, synthesizing astrology and energy healing. Christine brings her intuitive understanding of the divine flow of the human biofield into her astrology consultations, thus enhancing the depth of her work. 

Learn more about Christine & book:



20221118 Kristine 357.jpeg

Kristine Fredheim

As a psychic medium, Kristine taps into messages she receives from the spiritual realm. By communicating with spirit guides and loved ones who’ve passed, she helps clients find healing and closure after loss, and support after major life transitions or traumas. She provides thoughtful guidance on how to navigate through life and achieve fulfillment.


Kristine also provides insight and feedback that will empower you in all your areas, from career and relationships to personal wellbeing. The messages she receives often bring clients a sense of peace, relief, love and insight. The reading, which is always conducted with great sensitivity, will provide sacred guidance along your path towards a fully expressed and happy life.

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