My very first book, to help you reclaim your energy, transcend burnout, beat anxiety, and step into your own power with inspiration, energy techniques, and simple rituals.

"When you’re burning the candle at both ends, your flame runs out of fuel fast. But you probably already know that—who isn’t over-worked, over-scheduled, and over-tired? With Burning Bright, Reiki master and meditation teacher Kelsey Patel says, I see you, you’re not alone, and healing is possible. Patel’s warmth and compassion radiate off the page as she teaches simple, effective methods—like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, or “tapping”)—to help you banish harmful stress, cope with anxiety, and leave burnout behind."

- Abbey Stone, Executive Editor, Well+Good

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"As a physician, I was impressed by how much Burning Bright included actionable steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This book is an invaluable asset for individuals coping with burnout, anxiety, and chronic stress, or anyone searching for a path to feeling more vibrant and present in their life."

-Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Lead Physician for Los Angeles Parsley Health

“In Burning Bright, Kelsey Patel emerges as a major new voice in the spirituality space. A talented Reiki healer and teacher, Kelsey has the incredible ability to shift the energy field around her, and she infuses her first book with that same transformative power. Take this journey deep into the origins of your disharmony and you will be richly rewarded with profound healing.” 


-- Jason Wachob, Founder & Co-CEO, mindbodygreen

Named one of Barnes and Noble's top 50 books for Inspiration & Self Care,

alongside Michelle Obama, Brene Brown, Oprah, Elizabeth Gilbert and the Dalai Lama.


Burning Bright dives deep into the nature of anxiety, the root of unhappiness, the cause of systemic burnout, and the origin of chronic pain, guiding readers through a re-examination of their thought processes and solution-based practical techniques to overcome these cycles of negativity and stress, including:

  • Practicing Reiki on yourself

  • Interrupting anxiety cycles with tapping, breathwork, and journaling

  • Simple rituals that can bring you peace in any situation

  • Using simple and powerful practices and resources to ground yourself and get back into your physical body in a healthy way

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Reiki for Radiant Health + Burning Bright Party

Join us for an intimate and interactive workshop of deep reiki healing, journaling and expansive exploration of my newly released book, Burning Bright. 


Together, we’ll explore EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breath work, meditation and experience the power of reiki energy healing. 

Virtual Book Club with Quilt

Join me for an intro to the practices in my new book, Burning Bright: Rituals, Reiki, and Self-Care to Heal Burnout, Anxiety, and Stress.


You'll also have the chance to connect with an amazing network of women on the Quilt platform.


What Book Club Leaders are Saying:

“Burning Bright was my first book club selection ever, not only as a participant, but as a facilitator. I loved the ease of this book. It's such a warm and inviting read, and it really lends itself to inspire a thoughtful, vulnerable group discussion. The book offers abundant takeaways to readers, empowering individuals with an engaging blend of personal anecdotes and well-constructed exercises. As a facilitator, one of the strongest messages I felt the book presented to the group was the power and importance of learning to trust yourself and develop personal intuition. As a physician, I was impressed by how much of the book included actionable steps towards a healthier lifestyle. This book is an invaluable asset for individuals coping with burnout, anxiety, and chronic stress, or anyone searching for a path to feeling more vibrant and present in their life.”

Why purchase Burning Bright?

Whether it's burnout, anxiety, fear, or grief, everybody knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed. From college students to young professionals to parents, people feel paralyzed but rushed, inert but frantic, and out of touch with their own potential. No matter how much they do, they still feel like underachievers.

As a spiritual coach, Reiki master, and wellness expert, Kelsey Patel has helped thousands struggling with burnout and anxiety. She has developed a reputation as Hollywood's go-to energy healer, and now she wants to share the knowledge, tips, and techniques that have worked so well for her and her clients.

Kelsey shows readers how to transform pain, anxiety, and overwhelm into calm, expansive abundance, pure joy, directed purpose, and a deep connection to their authentic selves.