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You have the ability to shift and heal your own energy. And I can help guide you.

Clarity Sessions with Kelsey

Join me for my 20-minute or 60-minute micro-coaching clarity sessions + receive insight on your path and where you're headed next.


A virtual session with Kelsey. This is best if you want a session that is more like a spot clean on a specific issue. These sessions are deep, concentrated and quick to help you receive optimal results. Prior to each session, you will be asked to get into your own healing and meditative state so that you are ready to connect and maximize this experience.


These sessions are first come, first serve, and are limited each month.

If you do not see any current availability, check back next month.


​This is for you, if:

  • you want a quick, effective and super concentrated session to give you a bolt of confidence on whatever is resisting within you. 

  • you are looking to gain clarity, self-awareness, and sense of direction vs purpose

This is not for you, if:

  • you are seeking a deep transformation session and want to review and discuss several areas of your personal and professional life (see my deep dive session below for more intensive offering)

  • you are currently experiencing a crisis

  • you need more suitable care under the direction of a therapist or mental health care practitioner. 

Receive a BONUS 1-hour call by purchasing a

6-pack of 1-hour sessions. Click here.

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NEW Offering - 1:1 Deep Dive

Join me for my most intensive, healing and transformative offering.


A 4 hour deep dive with Kelsey to create powerful transformation that will start activating for you now + ripple out for months. Three hours of just us—together for an intimate journey to carve out the next big chapter for YOU. Think big visions, a beautiful roadmap, healing space, new discoveries, transformation, deep connection, SUPPORT and new access to the next iteration of you that has been waiting to come out and be seen. 

This day is for you. To honor your vision; your dreams; your needs; and how we can help you get there. A small window of time with the deepest connection to create the right plan for you right now. This is for you if you're ready to do the work. To show up and be seen - mind, body and spirit. To let yourself receive the support you've been waiting or perhaps hoping for and to share what's really inside your heart, knowing we are both going to help get you there.


This is for you, if:

  • you're going through a phase of transition in your life

  • you're seeking support and guidance to navigate a transformative period effectively

  • you aspire for for personal growth and transformation but may feel uncertain about the specific steps needed to move forward towards their goals.


This is not for you, if:

  • you are currently experiencing a crisis

  • you need more suitable care under the direction of a therapist or mental health care practitioner. 


This is an experience for you to be supported, seen, heard, challenged and inspired about the next chapter of your journey. We will get clear on the next iteration of you and how you can hold yourself accountable and the action steps to take you there.


Once you purchase this intensive, we'll connect for a time that works best for YOU. These sessions can be in person or remote. 

Check out some of my favorite meditations and virtual offerings, available wherever you are, whenever you feel called. With a one-time purchase you will own this content forever, to shape your practice as you like with the addition of a few extra tools.


Digital Offerings

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To the Pure Joy Podcast

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