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Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Actress

Kelsey not only helps you center yourself with her overall state of calm and positivity, but gives you the tools to be able to do it whenever and wherever you need to.

Constance Zimmer, Actress

Kelsey not only helps you center yourself with her overall state of calm and positivity, but gives you the tools to be able to do it whenever and wherever you need to.

Garcelle Beuavais, Actress

Kelsey not only helps you center yourself with her overall state of calm and positivity, but gives you the tools to be able to do it whenever and wherever you need to.

Alicia Coppola, Actress

Spending 60 minutes with Kelsey Patel is akin to a year's worth of therapy, a chat with your best friend, a hug from your mom, and a kick in the ass from your coach all rolled into one session. I have not felt that seen and understood by a complete stranger ever and I learned more about me in that one hour than I have in years. I feel blessed to have met Kelsey and already feel the loving effects of her work.

Amy Webber, Senior Digital Producer at E! Entertainment 

After years of going to weekly traditional therapy, I reached a point where I needed something different. I had a rough childhood, a very painful marriage and divorce, and some serious challenges with my career. I was ready for a major shift. What makes the work with Kelsey powerful is that she cuts right down to the root of what is causing the stress/sadness/anxiety etc., but does it in such a loving, honest way that it doesn’t hurt to hear it. In fact, it’s a relief. I now feel stronger, happier, less anxious, less angry, and no longer so obsessed with feeling like I need to be in control.”

"I am so grateful that Kelsey came into my life. I feel that I have healed more in the last year of us working together than I ever  imagined possible."

Heather Martin, Key Designer & VP for Lucky Brand

She is nurturing and giving yet doesn’t allow you to orchestrate a masquerade to avoid your own issues. Thanks to the work I’ve done with Kelsey, I feel more aware of my behavior and I now have the ability to identify issues as they surface. I am still working on standing in my own truth in every moment. I’d recommend Kelsey every minute of every day to every soul I encounter. She is one of the most gifted women I know with the ability to express kindness and abundance.

Valerie Howard,  Entrepreneur

Kelsey is like a healer, mentor, and life coach all rolled up into one. Working with her is like talking to your best friend, if your best friend had the tools to help you heal and release painful life experiences, embrace your wildest dreams, and reignite your passion for life. Not only has she helped me heal old wounds and reach for the stars, but Kelsey has given me tools to help me take more control of my life.

Chris Richards, Writing Executive and Musician

It's almost impossible for me to talk about Kelsey without using the word "magical." She really is. Working with Kelsey has changed my life for the better. She’s immensely adept at healing people in crisis, and is an extraordinary teacher. Thanks to her, I now spend a lot more time in the present moment, and I appreciate what I have in a deeper way, which has affected every corner of my life.

Priya V, Restaurateur, Washington, D.C.

In the beginning, I was highly dubious of the process and the effectiveness, but after one session, I made a highly noticeable shift – both emotional and physical.  I had been holding onto so much emotion from years past.  With her guidance, I was able to release it all and move forward in my life. 

Jared Jackson Dean, Owner of Salon Eleven Studios + Creator of Stylist Bootcamp

Kelsey worked magic in me that I had never felt before and left me believing that all of my successes and goals with life, family & purpose, has its time. She taught me how to BE ME.

Michelle Hall, Business Owner, Minneapolis, MN

My favorite thing about working with Kelsey was her ability to offer specific practical advice with kindness and compassion.  I also loved how inspiring she is.  She has an amazing energy about her.  She is beautiful, funny, relatable and wise.

More Praise

Working with Kelsey Patel is like working with the best parts of yourself! Kelsey's light pulls your clearest thoughts and feelings to the surface enabling the healing power of reiki to renew your mind, body and spirit. If we attract a reflection of ourselves then attracting Kelsey into your life is like attracting a spiritual light in human form, that she lovingly shines back onto you.  

Best Reiki woman, healer ever!


Working with Kelsey Patel has rocked my world in so many ways. The first of which being... she has inspired me to learn how to be a reiki practitioner (from her, of course)! That's how Kelsey is - her light is infectious and she shows up fully in her practice. The energy, lightness and clarity I feel after a session with Kelsey is out of this world. She has gifted me so many beautiful crystals and taught me the importance of meditating with them and using them for their beautiful, specific purposes. Plus, Kelsey is fun, down to earth and incredibly easy to relate to which helps so much with a practice like reiki.


Upon first meeting/session I instantly loved Kelsey - her relatable energy and loving approach uniquely sets the stage for anyone to tap into their own magic within. So grateful for this gem of a person spreading her light and teaching us how to harness ours.


Since I was a little girl, I've always been excited knowing the Universe would continue to align me with the best people through every stage of my journey. Little did I know, three years ago a literal Angel was about to walk into my life. I tell everyone I meet how much Kelsey has been a true catalyst for such beautiful change in my life that I will forever remain grateful for. I introduce her to everyone I can because I want them to experiencer her authentic Magik in all the ways I have been blessed to. I've always trusted my gut and made good decisions for myself - but when faced with an incredibly tough and pivotal decision I needed to make in my life, time with Kelsey doing reiki not only gave me all the answers I needed, but gave me such beautiful strength and clarity to put immediate action steps into motion like I had never experienced in my life. It wasn't about therapy, it wasn't about getting grilled with questions. It was about being open to a force greater than myself literally releasing energy from my body that no longer served me so I could allow for all the great things waiting to come in, to finally enter. (They) not only entered, but three years later, I'm living the most magically designed life I could have imagined for myself and the best part is that it truly gets better each day. Kelsey has brought an awareness for spirituality and mindfulness into my life that I can't imagine my days without. She is the real deal, period!!!


Before meeting Kelsey I had never done reiki before. I was at a crossroads in my career and was allowing fear to get in the way of me achieving what I truly wanted. After just one larger group session with Kelsey I felt something inside me completely shift. The negative energy that was telling me I was inadequate had descended from my body and just a few weeks later my life changed when I got my dream job as a Producer/Director on my favorite Reality show. I even carried around the crystal she had gifted me into my interview. Kelsey helped me manifest my dream job and dream life and her constant support and energy is such a light in my life. I truly don't know what I would do without her and always look forward to my sessions with her because I know I

will leave feeling empowered.


"I always wanted to try reiki but life and circumstances always got in the way.  Once I was finally able to get past those barriers, I can confidently say that my life is more incredible and more beautiful because of reiki.  I have found my truest self and can never go back to living in the 'dark'."


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