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This Life-Changing Course Led By Hollywood’s Go-To Spiritual Life Coach, Kelsey J Patel, Will Teach You How To Connect With Your Highest Self And Start Living A Life Where You Make The Right Decisions For You.



  • Lifetime Membership to the comprehensive online course The Spiritual Coach Academy

  • Certification from the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

  • Exclusive live weekly Inner Circle online training sessions with Kelsey J Patel​

  • 10 Tailored Leads of prospective clients actively seeking spiritual life coaching

  • Comprehensive Training Manual to accompany the course and your new career








Limited Availability

Lifetime Access to Intensive Online Training

Let Spiritual Guru to the stars Kelsey J Patel be your guide as you embark on a journey to reach your full potential and start living a life that knows no bounds. Join Kelsey as she deep dives into her greatest secrets, methods, and techniques of the spiritual arts, so that you can use your new skills to not only drastically improve your life, but your friends and family’s lives too. For the first time ever, Kelsey is sharing her secrets that make her such a sought-after spiritual life coach, and throughout this life-changing course not only will you learn what she knows, but you will also be given all the necessary tools to build your own successful spiritual life coaching business. No previous experience is necessary to become a fully qualified and certified spiritual life coach!


Comprehensive Printed and Bound Training Manual

To accompany your course you will receive a beautifully bound, thorough training manual created by Kelsey. This training manual will become your bible throughout the course, giving you answers and assurance at your fingertips. Use it while learning and in the future whenever you need a refresher or reference about your training.


Full Accreditation and Membership to The Renowned Complementary Medical Association (CMA)

The Spiritual Coach Academy is fully accredited by the prestigious CMA. When you complete your course, you will receive a certificate to showcase your newfound skills and qualifications as a spiritual coach. Just what you need to kickstart your new career! You will also receive a month’s membership to the CMA, where you can take advantage of free trainings and webinars and expand your knowledge even further.


120 CPD Points*

Once you have completed your course you will gain 120 CPD points. These points are internationally recognized and are a testament to the quality of training and materials inside Kelsey’s course, giving you further professional credibility in the field.


Personal Live Coaching**

Join for a series of regular live group Q&A sessions through Facebook Live. This is a unique opportunity to have your questions answered by Spiritual Gurus. You’ll also be able to engage with other students on the same journey as you and gain access to an exciting new community of friends and colleagues. Each exclusive coaching session will be recorded so you have lifetime access which you can enjoy at any time. 


Mastermind Group

Join an amazing community of other spiritual students and coaches as you gain access to an exclusive mastermind group. Be among like-minded practitioners as you work through the course material together, asking questions, giving support, and making lifelong friendships. 


10 Leads of Potential Clients

If you choose to take the leap and become a certified spiritual coach upon completion of the course, then we’re right behind you! That’s why our expert marketing team will generate 10 exclusive leads of prospective clients for you, all of whom are actively seeking spiritual life coaching. This will kickstart your career and effectively pay for the course, as well as giving you the boost you need to get started.

MODULE 1: Spirituality in Coaching 


MODULE 2: Emotional Freedom Technique


MODULE 3Sacred Space and the Foundational Tools of a Spiritual Coach 


MODULE 4: Use Your MIND to Bring Clarity in Coaching  


MODULE 5: Use BODY to Find Your Path INWARD


MODULE 6: Using Astrology for Answers and Guidance


MODULE 7: The Moon and the Crystals


MODULE 8Astrology and Energy 


MODULE 9: Your Spiritual Coaching Practice


MODULE 10: Building a Practice


Join Kelsey J Patel as You Discover How to Use Reiki to Enhance, Heal, and Transform Your Life, Heal Emotional and Physical Pain, and Launch a Successful Career as a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner.  

Have you ever questioned your life choices or been afraid that you’re going down the wrong path in life?


Have you ever looked at someone who seems to have it all and whose life just seems easy and uncomplicated for them, making you wonder “what do they know that I don’t?”


What if we told you that you can be let in on their secret, that you too could have an easy, harmonious, and blissful life? All while being confident and content with the choices you make - choices that will lead you to have a successful and happy present and future.


So that every day your life is headed in the direction YOU want it to go in. 


Yes, it does sound too good to be true. But we promise you, we can help you achieve it. 


More and more people are looking to the ancient healing arts for guidance in their busy and hectic lives. And for very good reason.


Because by embracing your spirituality, and trusting in your intuition, you will be able to start living the life you deserve. Free from emotional pain and anxiety, and anything else that might be holding you back to reach your full potential.


In this ground-breaking self-paced course, Spiritual Guru to the stars Kelsey J Patel will lead you on your spiritual life path and show you how your hidden intuitive awareness will help you overcome life’s challenges.


You will learn how to use your mind to heal and bring clarity and balance to all areas of your being, giving you a life that is balanced, happy, and enlightened. 


And once you have achieved spiritual harmony and alignment, Kelsey will show you how to use her exact methods to build your own spiritual life coaching practice. So you can help others find their way and connect with their highest selves.


All while creating a thriving, successful, and lucrative business. 


Until now it’s never been possible to have access to Kelsey’s spiritual magic unless you were one of her A-list clients. But now, for a limited time, Kelsey is making her insight available to you in this exclusive comprehensive training. The lessons you will learn are ancient in wisdom but modern in delivery, and Kelsey will be personally guiding you the entire way. 


This course is perfect if you want to awaken your spiritual self and go beyond your limiting beliefs to truly harness your full potential. This course is for you if you are SERIOUS about changing your life and the lives of others. 


Imagine what your life could look like then. Where anything and everything is possible, and you feel more alive and full of light, potential, and possibility. 


Nothing will be able to hold you back. 


Keen To Know More? Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Get When You Join The Spiritual Coach Academy:

  • ​Lifetime membership to the training and its materials so you can revisit sessions whenever you need inspiration or a refresher.

  • Exclusive live training sessions with Kelsey herself who will be on hand to offer tailored advice and answer all your burning questions.

  • Certification from the Complementary Medical Association to give you the confidence and validation to start your new career as a spiritual life coach.

  • Simple to use online course broken down into easy-to-digest chunks suited to all levels of learning, so you never feel overwhelmed.

  • ​Training manual and guide written by Kelsey to be your partner throughout the course and beyond.

  • Mastermind group with other spiritual coaching students and coaches to give you the opportunity to grow and support each other through your learning journey.

  • ​120 CPD points to recognize your studies and the quality of work completed during the course.

  • 10 leads of prospective clients expertly chosen by Kelsey’s own marketing team to jumpstart your career as a spiritual guru.

  • ​Whilst you are a student inside the Academy, you'll get 1 Month Free of Student Membership with Access to Webinars and Training from the CMA.***

  • ​Upon completion of the Academy, you'll be able to gain access to Practitioner Membership.*** 

  • ​Nothing says more about YOUR commitment to excellence and professionalism than CMA Membership. 

  • ​Be Featured as a Top Practitioner on This Site - every day, they feature Six CMA Practitioner "MCMA" Members directly on their home page - you will be featured here in rotation with a quick introduction and this links directly to your very own page on The CMA site. 

  • ​You will have your very own page on the CMA website that features your biography, your picture, the disciplines you practice, all your contact details and plenty of room for you to introduce yourself properly, to talk about how and why you practice in the way that you do - and to include real patient/client testimonials so that people can really get to know you on a personal level - this is the most effective way of developing a practice. 

  • ​As a CMA Full Member, you'll get referrals from people searching for a Fully Qualified Practitioner on this site - they get a huge amount of traffic - and you will benefit directly from this as it offers you the perfect platform to promote your work. 

  • ​You'll have access to the full CMA website - there are certain parts of the website that are inaccessible to Non-Members - and these include their special Practice Development pages and more. 

  • ​You'll also have the option to have your articles published on The CMA website (subject to acceptance). 

  • ​ We particularly encourage research articles and case studies. 

  • ​Receive The CMA Latest World News on Scientific Breakthroughs in Complementary Medicine, FREE by email every week.

  • ​Receive your CMA Certificate of Membership – Ready to frame and display on the wall of your Practice. 

  • ​Access to Top Class, Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance (at a specially negotiated rate only available to CMA Members).

Whether you have extensive experience in the healing arts already or you are a complete beginner looking for help in your own life, this course is perfect for you.


All you need is an interest in spirituality and a curiosity to learn who you REALLY are and how to get the most out of your life.  


Join Hollywood’s leading spiritual life coach as she guides you step by step through the spiritual world, while you learn how to use your newfound skills to enhance your own life and even launch a successful career as a spiritual coach.


There’s a reason why spiritual coaches like Kelsey are booked solid with clients months in advance. It’s because more and more people are looking to the ancient wisdom of the spiritual world for guidance and assurance.


And after completing this transformative course you will have the insight, knowledge, and confidence to help them find their way.


Just as you would have found your way. 


Thanks to the live sessions included in the Academy, you will have the opportunity to ask Kelsey anything to help better your journey to spiritual enlightenment. 


This unmissable coaching opportunity will teach you how to harness mystical powers for your own benefit and the benefit of friends, family, and potential future clients, so you can:

  • Experience a high level of mental clarity

  • ​Enjoy a sense of calm and freedom

  • ​Understand how to navigate your life in a direction that empowers you

  • ​Start living a life to your highest potential

  • ​Be happier and more content than you ever thought possible

  • ​Heal your physical being with your mind

  • ​Tap into and reset your emotions in a matter of minutes

  • ​Connect with everyone around you

  • ​Feel emotionally light and free no matter your situation

  • ​Help others experience the same journey

  • ​Build a lucrative and sought-after spiritual coaching business

  • ​Be booked up for months in advance with your own high-paying clients just like Kelsey

Every ancient practice from across the spiritual spectrum has one thing in common. To bring flow, balance, and joy into your life. You will learn how to practically implement these techniques into your life to bring REAL positive change. 


Whatever might be stopping you from embarking on this essential spiritual journey, just let it go. 


The secrets you will learn in this course will change your life for good. We promise you!


This training has been specifically designed to teach spiritual novices and experts alike, so all you need to bring is an open heart and an open mind, and Kelsey will take care of the rest. 


And here’s the best part.


Once you have mastered the ancient skills of spirituality, we’ll give you all the tools necessary to build your own incredible practice. Because spiritual coaches are in such high demand, this is a guaranteed recession-proof business. 


Think about it.


As a certified spiritual life coach, you’ll have more personal freedom and choice. You’ll have more money and free time. You’ll get true job satisfaction as you build a career doing what you love, helping people the way you helped yourself. And you can build this career around your commitments, your family, your life.

“Join One Of The World’s Most Renowned Spiritual Gurus Kelsey J Patel, As She Shares Her Exact Methods And Shows You How To Use Your New Skills To Bring Happiness To Your Life And Others, By Becoming A Certified Spiritual Coach In A Matter Of Weeks.”

Kelsey’s clientele includes A-List celebrities, famous musicians, entertainment executives, and Fortune 500 companies, and she is often referred to as “The Healer’s Healer,” in the spiritual arts world. 


That’s because her incredible techniques, methods, and knowledge are life-changing. And now you can have that insight too. 


For the first time ever, Kelsey wants to share her secrets and her secret methods with you. And teach you how to identify and embrace the power of the universe and the divine to live your life guided by purpose and spiritual enlightenment. So you can experience the change and harmony Kelsey has brought to her own life and to countless others.


From astrology and crystal healing to breathwork and Emotional Freedom Techniques to ancient healing rituals, Kelsey will show you how you can reset your emotions in minutes and start living a life of harmony and enlightenment.


You will master these incredible ancient rituals and feel confident to use them on yourself to achieve alignment and balance, as well as using them to help others.


By enrolling in the Spiritual Academy, you will be certified to help yourself and prospective clients enhance lifestyle, improve mindset, and embrace harmony and happiness. 


And with the 10 free leads for prospective clients you’ll receive as part of your training, you’ll be well on your way to launching a successful career as a highly sought-after spiritual coach. Where you can enjoy the balance of building financial security for yourself and your family while helping people with your amazing new spiritual gifts.


These leads are hand-picked by Kelsey’s expert marketing team, who are on hand to show you how to market your new business with ease, giving you a distinct advantage over other spiritual coaches. 


Just imagine how successful you will be with expert guidance like this.


Never feel stuck again. You have so much potential just waiting to be released into the world. And by tapping into your spiritual side, you will find you have more certainty and direction in your life. With mastery, joy, and harmony all waiting to be embraced. 


Are you ready to live the rest of your life to your full potential? Are you ready to trust your inner spiritual guide and be lead down the path of true enlightenment and fulfillment?


Then what’s stopping you?


Join Kelsey’s ground-breaking and life-changing Spiritual Coach Academy and learn the secrets to start living a happier life. Choose to become a fully certified and confident spiritual life coach and feel harmony and abundance as you use your intuition and connection to bring success, happiness, and certainty to yourself and your clients.

"What Are You Waiting For? Join Now And Learn How Kelsey’s Spiritual Life Coaching Secrets Can Become Your Key To Unlocking A Lifetime Of Success, Peace, And Abundance And Even Lead To An Exciting And Rewarding New Career...Even If You Have No Prior Experience In The Spiritual Arts." 
Join Kelsey And Start Learning The Power Of Spiritual Healing Today And Embark On A Brand-New Career.
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