Apply for Reiki Master or Reiki Master Teacher Certification


When the student receives the Master symbol. A two-day intensive practicum and training. A newfound commitment to the Reiki community is created by attending and creating Reiki events to share the gift of healing energy. You will learn the sound vibration of the symbols using the Kotodama, receive a heart opening attunement to become a Reiki Master and offer the Reiki community a spiritual presentation of your choosing. Much energy is channeled for this level of Reiki and a 30-day protocol prior to the attunement is required.


When the student becomes the teacher. Taking all of your prior trainings, personal healing and growth, client work and desire to help share this light in the world on a new profound path. Recognizing that you are humbly ready and willing to be a mirror to your students as you share the gift of reiki with the world. This level of the awakened, compassionate teacher is eligible by application only. Please share below why you feel called to this new level of commitment, your prior training, the awareness of what reiki has brought into your life and your personal desire to become a respectful, compassionate and responsible teacher of the reiki lineage.


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