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A Brand New Astrology Forecast with Shannon Aganza

The world is swirling in the heady midst of an eclipse season and Mercury retrograde, both occurring in the sign of Gemini, the mutable air sign of information, communication, and socializing. It also happens to be my birthday month where I'll be turning 40!

In reverence of all of the above, I am dedicating this episode to my recent personal astrology reading with Shannon Aganza. We'll examine my current mission in relation to the stars and explore how the year is shaping up for everyone on a collective level.

Right now, my body is fully surrendering to pregnancy. I'm redirecting my "plans" and diet to be in flow with my instinctive desires (even if it goes against my usual routine).

As you'll find out, this energy of revision is the theme of 2021. An eclipse season offers the perfect opportunity to check in with yourself and consciously edit the energy you're giving externally to enhance your soul.

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