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A Wellness Check In + Exercises for Support

Because, OOF...things can feel HEAVY sometimes. Rather than trying to change someone else, the circumstances or the situation that may be out of your control, can you instead try inviting this...

💫 close your eyes + take a deep breath into your heart

💫 check in with yourself as you breathe and feel the love in your heart come online.

💫 ask yourself what YOU need and what YOU can do to lighten the load in this moment of life.

💫 ask yourself if you need some support in this moment of your life and be honest with yourself.

💫 show up to your needs in a way that feels incredible supportive and healing for you.

We all go through the seasons of ups and downs in life. We change. We clear and we grow.

You can’t change your boss, your friends or the ones you love and you can’t control the way everyone chooses to walk on their own path.

But you CAN change how YOU show up to yours; how you challenge your old belief systems; how you choose to release what is not yours to carry any longer so you can create space to show up for what IS yours to carry and lighten it as you go...

Sending you love love love today and in this new month of June.

Remember: you are NOT alone. You have permission to change. You are safe to let go and and let yourself love and live in a way that truly serves your heart ❤️


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