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New Episode Of The Magik Vibes Podcast with My Mama!

I would not be the evolved person I am today if it wasn’t for my mother’s unwavering support and dedication as a caregiver (she’s the #1 fan of this podcast!). I can think of no better way to honor Mother’s Day than to share sacred space with her and this community.

In this intimate episode, you’ll learn about my upbringing in North Dakota, the role of religion and spirituality in my household, and how my mom – the ultimate go-getter – found her light and gratitude for life after years shrouded in the darkness of depression and alcoholism. We open up about the collective pain (both emotional and physical) we experienced trying to be a “normal” family while everything was being torn up on the inside, and how love, self-forgiveness, and support can help you break out of your cocoon to become the butterfly that you were born to be.


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