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Letter From Kelsey - March 2021

Hello my friends and fellow light workers,

Can you believe it's been almost an entire year since we've learned how to live our entire lives at home?

As we were creating this newsletter last week, my team reminded me that last year on the week of March 9th, 2020, I was recording my audio book, Burning Bright. We didn't have masks on just yet but we were very aware of washing our hands and sanitizing between sessions. On Friday, March 13th of last year offices started closing and workers, parents and students went home to quarantine. Shortly thereafter people started freaking out and toilet paper became the newest iPhone you couldn't get your hands on.

It's been a long year. We've been in a never-ending storm and we all faced it together. (Wow: as I typed the word storm into the newsletter this am, thunder started to roar outside!) Each one of us has had our own unique and individual experience and together we've had a collective energy as well.

As a collective, we've been adapting, we kept moving forward, we didn't really stop. We were shown this energy of just keep going. But perhaps as individuals, you've needed something different. Not everyone is built the same way, which is the best part of life, and I'd like to offer a moment's pause to you today: to reflect.

If you feel called to (and perhaps you're not ready to reflect yet and that's ok too because this is YOUR life experience), grab a pen and paper or try a few minutes of a meditation practice by gently connecting to these prompts:

1) I acknowledge how much I've experienced in this past year - emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

2) I give myself permission to honor this one year "anniversary" and to feel into all that has shifted for me.

3) I am grateful for the awareness of what is most important in my life.

4) I now know I am ready to welcome ______ into my life.

5) There is no limit to my freedom if I choose to be free.

As you read and connect with this newsletter today or whenever it arrives to your heart, I'd like to invite you to go extra slow today. To please press pause and take a deep breath in and out. It's been a long year. We're not out of it yet, as this week's podcast and Chinese forecast shares in more detail, but we've certainly started to feel the light. And, as we prepare to close:

Why March is so Magical!

As we think of the month of March, it's when seeds are just starting to get planted for the first time after the winter freeze. It's the energy of new beginnings and we have but one simple word we can focus on:


As you welcome this new month and the energy of a new season, I invite to explore what you want to grow. What do you desire to nurture, to tend to as we move into spring? What gets your attention now? What wants to grow in your life? Are you willing to make space to care for it? For those in the southern hemisphere, you are experiencing the energy that comes with autumn - the seasonal soul of turning inward and growing your intuitive powers.

There are some amazing and EMPOWERING messages on the Magik Vibes podcast that inspire growth and change for 2021 and the Pure Joy app is an amazing resource that so many of you are using each day and week to keep your vibrations high and energy cleared. We upload new content each week!

Wishing you all a beautiful, expansive and gratifying month of March.

In gratitude and with copious amounts of love,

xoxo, Kelsey


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