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Lifetime membership to the course so you can refer back to it whenever you need it throughout your career. Revisit training sessions and lessons if you ever need a refresher - there is no time limit on this course so learn at the pace that works best for you.


​Professionally built online Reiki Academy designed by leading Reiki Master Kelsey J Patel. The custom platform is tailored to deliver the course material in easy-to-digest chunks and is suited to all levels of learning (even if it’s been a while since you last studied anything at all.)

Live, personal coaching from Kelsey in an exclusive group where you can ask all your burning questions and receive personal advice from the Master herself.**

Comprehensive training manual written specifically for this course which will become your go-to resource on your journey as a qualified Reiki practitioner. 

+So Much More!

One Time Fee of $2,497 or $210/Month for 12 Months 


Join me for a comprehensive live training course that will help you channel powerful healing energy to transform your life & the lives of others.

During this course, you’ll discover your hidden world of Reiki powers, guided by the unparalleled experience of a genuine Reiki Master. You can ask questions directly to me as you learn, week by week, how to develop this ancient power within yourself.

This is a hands-on, fully demonstrated, and explained format where you learn best by seeing, doing, and then unpacking as the masterclass moves through what really works. 

Only $57!


Join me for a comprehensive live training course that will help you channel powerful healing energy to transform your life & the lives of others.

Learn how to elevate your level of self-awareness, awaken your natural spiritual gifts and even powerful mystical rituals that can guide your life choices and bring true success and alignment with your highest self.

Only $57!

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Now Available!


The Pure Joy App is a daily opportunity to connect with your physical body, your mental health and your overall spiritual well-being so you can feel your life's JOY. Users are invited to tap into their highest and best self utilizing a variety of practices and modalities all under one app! Each experience is intended to help people feel at home in their own being and serve as a reminder of life's joy, even while experiencing adversity, grief, pain and sadness.


Kelsey created these healings along with her wellness-expert peers, who are offering their pure joy as well to support your daily needs. Get ready for micro and macro healing experiences, joyful movement, reiki-infused sound baths, EFT tutorials, monthly astrology readings, sleep support, deeply expansive workshops, full moon and new moon clearings, meditations for life's moments and so much more.

Afternoon Reset and Mini Workshop to Heal Burnout

Give yourself permission to rest and reset. This practice will help you move through your afternoon by giving your body and mind the space to clear energy and deeply rest so you can joyfully move into the next part of the day. 
By taking breaks, you will be able to move through the rest of your day with a sense of fullness and energy rather than burnout. To encourage this restoration, you can use:

Essential oil on your wrists to help calm your body
Crystals such as fluorite to reduce worry, stress or anxiety, black tourmaline to deflect negative energy and release yourself from technology, and selenite to clear your chakras
A candle or incense to declare your meditation area as a sacred space

For this meditation, you can take a comfortable position, lying down, and set a timer for when you would like to be back up and awake in case you fall asleep. Press play and take this time for deep rest and restoration.

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Deep Chakra Balancing Ritual with Reiki Healing

Prepare to dive deep into your physical, mental and emotional body in this chakra and reiki-infused healing ritual.


You are invited to a sacred crystal cave, designed by your own imagination, on this visualization journey where you will fully immerse in the balancing, clearing and healing of your chakras for the ultimate replenishing and aligning. Feel as if the hands of your guides are present and with you as you bathe in the depths of this reiki healing. 

Missed an event?

join on your own time with new digital class offerings!

Looking for One-on-One Sessions?

Book a session with a super healer!

This ever-growing channel is a curated healing collective where you can book a multitude of sessions for yourself, your pets & your loved ones with healers we have selected to support YOU with their unique, 'super' healing. 

These women are here to bring you distance reiki, channeling, intuitive healing, herbalism, trauma healing, super astrology, moon ceremonies and so much more into your life. They each have a unique gift and offering and we know their abilities to support our community. They are incredibly powerful healers, and they are now accessible virtually though this new program. 

This collective of super healers are ready to help you call in your highest form through personalized one on one sessions, and I cannot wait for this work to be accessed by a whole new community. 


Reiki Certifications


Interested in deepening your practice for limitless self healing? Check out upcoming reiki trainings which are all available virtually for our friends across the globe. This ancient healing wisdom is available to everyone, and I can't wait for you to tap into your infinite wisdom and healing energy.


What People are Saying About Virtual Reiki Certifications:

"I always wanted to try reiki but life and circumstances always got in the way. Once I was finally able to get past those barriers, I can confidently say that my life is more incredible and more beautiful because of reiki. I have found my truest self and can never go back to living in the 'dark'."

"Thank you again for such a wonderfully healing experience. I'm still feeling the effects 2 weeks later :)"

"The training was beautiful! I loved that it was a small group. I had no idea what to expect and allowed myself to just enjoy the entire experience. As Kelsey did the attunement I just have to say that as I was in the meditation with my eyes closed I saw a bright light illuminate me for a split second! Since then I feel the energy running through me. I'm so grateful and excited to continue on with this practice for the next 30 days."

"I really enjoyed the virtual Reiki I class and was amazed at how deep the group session got within a matter of the first half-hour. It was very emotional, but exactly what I needed during this unique time (during Covid). I loved being able to connect with various women around the country, and the Reiki attunement left me feeling very peaceful and full of loving energy. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am excited to continue onto Reiki II!"

"What a wonderful experience this training was. I'm grateful to have this tool and am most definitely going to take the Reiki 2 in the Fall. I always turned to Reiki in the past as aid on my healing journey, and though I am sure I will have sessions in the future, knowing I have this incredible tool to use on myself, to assist with surrendering, to assist with bringing balance and harmony and light and stillness is so empowering.  Thank you again."

Corporate Wellness

Today, the necessity for work-life balance is critical. From endless emails to deadlines and growing to-do lists, there are more reasons now, than ever, to share the gift of mindfulness in the workplace.  


These programs were developed specifically to help employees and executives manage daily stress, so that they may return to work with renewed passion, clarity, creativity and focus.

Reiki 101

REIKI 101 with mindbodygreen

Decrease Stress, Balance Your Body & Break Through Negative Energy


A deep dive into the fundamentals, history, and evolution of Reiki healing

A comprehensive guide to accessing new portals within your own mind, body, and spirit, so you can begin your journey toward healing and expansion

Lifetime Access to the program, PLUS Discussion boards to interact with the instructor and fellow students

A series of energy-shifting meditations and exercises to help you become more self-aware, connected, and spiritually aligned

Who is this class for?

This class is perfect for you if:

  • You’re intrigued by Reiki, energy work, or EFT.You’re interested in learning more about the power of energy healing, and are ready to really dive in—on you own time.

  • You live with unwanted stress, fear, sadness, or anxiety. You often feel overwhelmed, worried, or depressed, and just wish you could experience a sense of inner calm and clarity.

  • You want to connect more deeply to yourself and others. You desire to tap into your true self—the self you were meant to be—and to foster stronger relationships with those around you.

  • If you’re curious about the energy chakras of the body, if you want to explore meditation and other exercises that can quell negative emotions, if you want to live up to your full potential—your true purpose—then this class is for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.



For the time being, we have paused in-person retreats. We can't wait to be back in magical places with all of you very soon so we can connect, thrive and grow together! 

Andrea H. - Bali Retreat

“This weekend has been an awakening. It's been about finding the depths within myself and connecting with who I really am.

Kim T. - Mexico Retreat

"This life offers so much and this weekend with Kelsey helped give me clarity on what is important to me. I will never forget this time!

Megan K. - Ojai Retreat

“This moment, as hard as it was to decide to come, was much needed and much appreciated. I feel every year everyone should take time to do a wellness retreat. Take time to learn more about yourself.”

"Thank you is not enough to tell you how impactful the retreat was for me. There have been so many breakthroughs and amazing things that have happened since."